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yo ugly?

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19th April 2004

take_a_seat7:51pm: HEY GUYS! check out this community. HOT>>>>> _prettygems

28th December 2003

fixmyhead6:14pm: HOT . NOT.

oh man.Collapse )
Current Mood: amused

8th December 2003

fixmyhead10:26pm: la la la
blah. okay so we need to go search for random people and ask them to join our community :0.

eh. no fun.
Current Mood: awake

3rd December 2003

take_a_seat7:05pm: wanna see something ugly?Collapse )
forevaundefined6:25pm: yo ugly. post your pictures and then well accept or reject you. :)
fixmyhead6:21pm: welcome <3
hey all. welcome to the community ♥. kristen started the community and i get to help her out with it. haha. post away !
Current Mood: accomplished
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